Born in New Jersey but once old enough, the family packed up and got out of there (seemed that’s what everyone was doing at that time). I was raised in Orlando and was introduced to art at an early age by my older brother, Mike, drawing cartoons from my mentor at that time, Alfred E. Newman. Thought of art school but attended the University of Central Florida instead and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. While in college, I had the fortune to study abroad in Scotland and spent two weeks studying art, meeting the locals and taking in all the sights…and great beer!

Likes: Anything outdoors at 72 degrees

Describe your perfect date. With my wife Angela, at Del Friscos, with money to burn

What was/is the name of your best imaginary friend? never was good at talking to myself

What fictional character would you vote for President? Spongebob

Obscure talent/superpower you wish you had? have control of an “easy” button

Favorite non-electronic accessory? Drawing pencil

If you didn’t work in the design industry, what would you be doing? starving artist