Resource Optimization and Organization

Born out of a major client need… The KMDG resource center helps you generate leads faster with your content on your site, connected to your CRM at the speed of business… all without a subscription.

Wordpress Native

Unlimited Resource Types

One Form Does
It All Technology

Server-Side Analytics

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Wordpress Development

From frontend to backend, our team of developers can create and implement solutions to your website needs.

We are not “plugin jockeys” haphazardly using mountains of plugins creating a complex house of cards, nor do we supply you with rigid templates, and little control that amounts to the web equivalent of a Mad Lib. Our goal is to empower your team and assist with your content strategy by providing you with a website that is easy to update and maintain. KMDG’s custom tools, PageBuilder and Resource Center, provide you with flexibility and ease of use are emphasized, all while setting you down the path to maximize your marketing.

IT Consulting

Problems large and small, complex and mundain, sometimes it takes an outside mind to get it done.

PHP, DNS, GDPR, CCPA, Hardware, Software, Operating systems, Servers, The Cloud, Integration, Security, Reliability, Recovery: IT can be a mess, and not everything can or should be handled by your internal team. With more than 30+ years of experience in the IT sphere, we can bring the expertise or outside thinking that can be critical to your business.

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