I was born in Palm Beach, but raised in Stuart, FL. I lived under a grocery store (Zellner’s Grocery) and graduated from South Fork High School in 1988. I majored in film at UCF and I spun records at WUCF (KnightRock).

Since a film career was not in the cards, I decided to try graphic design where I worked through a few one-color, high volume gigs and ended up at Seagate Software (Veritas, Symantec). In 2003, the timing seemed right and I decided to start KMDG.

Describe your perfect date. Plotting the revolution over a glass of wine.

What was/is the name of your best imaginary friend? Huh?

What fictional character would you vote for President? Dirk Pitt (of course)

Obscure talent/superpower you wish you had? The ability to simplify the complicated.

Favorite non-electronic accessory? Definitely not a razor.

If you didn’t work in the design industry, what would you be doing? I would be teaching something… somewhere.