Our company has a philosophy and culture of pragmatic design.

Most web, graphic and interactive agencies and designers are stuck in the past. Ten years ago, when this was an emerging industry, it might have been possible to be a prima donna; but no more. By now, people know what our industry is capable of and they want to tap into it quickly and under budget. Most of all, they want to have their ideas come to life.

The entire web and graphic design business is transitioning toward the ideas of agile design. Agile is a process which emphasizes self-organizing teams that coordinate around a problem and solve it quickly. The client is a crucial stakeholder, and we embrace that.

What does this mean for design professionals? Simple. It means stop whining and be a team player. Do you think you always know better than your clients? Do you bristle at feedback from anyone that’s not a graphic designer? And even some that are? Do you find yourself arguing with people more than creating stuff that looks cool? Get over it!

Creativity starts with ideas and designers don’t always have all the ideas. In fact, it may come as a surprise to some people, but ideas are the domain of society as a whole, not a select few living in their ivory tower pushing vector graphics around. Ideas take teamwork, ingenuity and dedication to be realized. If you don’t have those three things, where is your satisfaction? You can’t get it.

We’re hiring at KMDG. Are you a self-motivated team player who loves to produce and hates to whine? Drop us a line.