I was born in Paris, Texas but moved to the Daytona Beach area by age 10 where I have spent the last twenty years. I began programming, building and working with computers at around the age of 12. Before my family had one at home, I built one using pieces discarded or donated by local businesses. I built various programs in BASIC and recorded them to casettes and later floppy disks before moving to a Windows 3.11 machine powered by a 75 MHz Intel 486. I graduated high school in 2002 and went directly to university, first at Stetson and then to UCF.

I took a major in biochemistry with the intent of medical school and, later, information technology so I could work towards advancing the use of computers in the treatment of illnesses. Throughout school, I have worked in various positions utilizing the hobby I maintained throughout the years: building and programming computers. I began to see this as the focus for my degree, and have continued my formal education in both medicine and technology at UCF.

I would like to one day hike the Appalachian Trail and am very fond of nature and solitude, despite maintaining a high tech career. I believe computers and AI will advance human knowledge and eliminate illness. In the mean time, developing beautiful websites is both a passion and hobby.

Likes: Programming, medicine, technology and learning new stuff.

Describe your perfect date. Exploring the foothills of Patagonia or traveling across the Mexican state Jalisco.

What was/is the name of your best imaginary friend? Didn’t have one.

What fictional character would you vote for President? Captain Kirk

Obscure talent/superpower you wish you had? The ability to absorb information instantly.

Favorite non-electronic accessory? My backpack–it goes with me everywhere and has everything I need.

If you didn’t work in the design industry, what would you be doing?Continuing my work in the medical field.